DMCA Notice:

The U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) is a United States copyright law that implements treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”). A DMCA claim occurs when someone suspects a website of copyright infringement. The DMCA mandates that hosting providers must remove or disable access to potentially infringing content upon receipt of a properly completed infringement claim. Accordingly, Public News Media, Inc. (“”) will respond appropriately to notices of alleged copyright infringement that comply with the DMCA. If you own a copyright in a work (or represent such a copyright owner) and believe that your (or such owner’s) copyright in that work has been infringed by an improper posting or distribution of it via the website, then you may send us a written notice that meets the requirements of a DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice. Public News Media, Inc. will only respond to DMCA Notices that it receives by mail or e-mail at the addresses below: Public News Media, Inc. Attn: Legal Department 823 Guy Road, Bowling Green Kentucky 42101 [email protected]

It is often difficult to determine if your copyright has been infringed. Public News Media, Inc. may elect to not respond to DMCA Notices that do not substantially comply with the requirements, and may elect to remove allegedly infringing material that comes to its attention via notices that do not substantially comply with the DMCA. Please note that the DMCA provides that any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity is infringing may be subject to liability. We may send the information that you provide in your notice to the person who provided the allegedly infringing work. That person may elect to send us a DMCA Counter-Notification. If we receive a proper DMCA Counter Notification that meets the requirements of the DMCA, then we may replace the material that we removed (or stop disabling access to it). Without limiting’s other rights,, in appropriate circumstances, may terminate a repeat infringer’s access to the Website and any other website owned or operated by Public News Media, Inc.