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Terms and Conditions

Video on Demand Terms of Service

Public News Media, Inc. provides a Video on Demand (VoD) service for American Patriots to express their 1st Amendment Rights of Free Speech via hosting video or audio content for their websites in support of their teaching, learning, research and video production activities.  Public News Media, Inc. via its website, VoD Service is designed to ensure Free Speech. Free Speech is Not Free, Consequently The Revolution Chronicles has a Free Membership for viewing and sharing, but for content publishers the service requires a Premium Membership In order to ensure the reliability and availability of this service for all, users of the VoD service; The following agreement describes the terms by which you may access and make use of the Video on Demand service ,  In order to become or continue to be a user of the VoD service, you must read and accept all of the terms and conditions of this agreement.  These terms help to ensure the security and reliability of the service for everyone.  If you do not agree to be bound by and follow the terms of this agreement, you should not use or access the VoD service, and determine if an alternative service better meets your needs. If you already have a VoD account and you do not accept the terms and conditions, you can request termination of your access.

Public News Media, Inc. reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time by posting amended terms for acceptance on this site; if you wish to be notified when these terms are amended, please email [email protected] for Video on Demand Service. Your continued use of the VoD service indicates your acceptance of the amended Terms of Service.

The VoD Service is used to host video or audio content for Premium Members for their websites and public consumption.  Use of the VoD service is subject to the following terms and conditions, rules, and guidelines: 
No Nudity, Sexual Content, or Aberrant Behavior Videos. This is an American Patriot News exposing crime and corruption in our government.  Content should be suitable for all adults over 18 years old.

Free Membership

The Revolution Chronicles has a Free Membership for viewing and sharing. Membership is subject to Terms and Conditions expressed in other parts of this document, all and complete.

Premium Membership

The Revolution Chronicles has a Premium Membership for uploading audio and video content for hosting VoD Services for American Patriot News Channel.  Membership is subject to Terms and Conditions expressed in other parts of this document, all and complete. Fees are Determined by cost offset +15% and are subject to change as Membership grows or declines.

Copyright Obligations

The use of the VoD Service is also governed by the DMCA and guidelines outlined by the DMCA regarding audio, video and other information created by third parties, including material found on the Internet, are subject to copyright protection. When posting copyrighted content, you must comply with the copyright rules regulations designated by DMCA. Public News Media, Inc. provides a portal for independent content publishers to express their 1st amendment rights and any DMCA complaints, allegations or non-compliant is strictly those of the content provider. Public News Media, Inc. accepts no responsibility, and/or damages that results in dereliction of content providers to adhere to DMCA regulations.

Eligibility, Access and Renewal

The VoD service is available to all registered users for viewing, sharing and commenting. Uploading, blogging and creating a channel requires a Premium account.  Once registered, you can opt in the Premium account to become a content publisher on You will receive email notifications how to setup your account. CAVEAT EMPTOR **This is American Patriot Site and Staunch Supporter of our President Donald J Trump.** 1st Amendment Here only Applies to Patriots. Liberal Communist Socialist SHOULD NOT SIGN-UP! Accounts will deleted and access restricted and NO REFUNDS!

Video on Demand Content

The VoD service is user administered: you upload, download, and manage your audio and video files, organize folders and structure for your VoD space, and are responsible for keeping a backup of your files.

The VoD service should not be used for archiving or as an online backup of any data, including media files. Files that are no longer needed or no longer being accessed on the VoD service should be removed.

Audio and video content that is uploaded to the VoD server must be supported by the VoD service. Unsupported file formats (such as PDF) are not permitted.

By default, content hosted on VoD is not access restricted.  URL links, audio and video files, and access to video players may be publically shared. Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed or assumed.
Email for assistance with the VoD service [email protected]


The Video on Demand service is available 24 hours a day.  However, access to this service may be suspended temporarily and without notice in circumstances of systems failure, maintenance and repair, or for reasons beyond the control of the Public News Media, Inc. or  Visit for more information about computing issues and outages.