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Voter Fraud Update: Is President Trump Right About Dangers of “Vote by Mail”?!


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199   6 months ago
JudicialWatch | 2 subscribers
199   6 months ago
The integrity of our elections is under systematic assault by leftist activists and politicians whose objective is to manipulate elections for their own gain by not cleaning up voter rolls. And Judicial Watch is doing something about it!
Judicial Watch lawyers are in court fighting to clean up voter rolls – and winning! This includes: Successfully suing the state of California and Los Angeles County to force them to begin cleaning up more than 1.5 million inactive names off their election rolls and Judicial Watch lawsuits against the states of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky forced those states to clean up their voter rolls.
Now we are setting our legal sights onto several other states where there are more registered voters on the rolls than there are eligible voting-aged citizens.
Take action now to show your support for Clean Elections by signing our petition of support.
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