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Really Graceful: The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History


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131   11 days ago
ReallyGraceful | 1 subscriber
131   11 days ago
Billionaire wealth has hit a record of 10.2 trillion dollars during 2020. This video is about the greatest transfer of wealth in history, how the rich got richer while the poor got poorer as the demolition of small business took place.
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Not only has small business been decimated by the illegal "lock-downs" but the huge corporate stores have been allowed to remain open. Then look at the real estate that has been destroyed by fire and arson in the riots is ALL in "opportunity zones", usually the most prime locations within those zones were destroyed. Think about it - you collect on the insurance for the destruction, then get a near zero interest loan to rebuild, then sell the property for huge profits which are tax free because the property is in the "opportunity zone." Great deal huh? The most pathetic aspect of it all is that this is all made possible by sanction of the victim. Look at how eager the overwhelming majority of the population has been to don their mask of shame, despite the fact that a mask offers zero protection. The majority of our countrywomen (there are no men left) prefer slavery and/or serfdom, because the only way to be free is to accept responsibility and very few are willing to do that.


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