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Kevin Shipp - AG Barr Fired After Trump Landslide Win


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390   4 months ago
GregHunter | 2 subscribers
390   4 months ago
Former CIA Officer and counter-terrorism expert Kevin Shipp predicted nobody of significance would go to jail about the failed coup of President Trump. New declassified documents prove that the so-called “Crossfire Hurricane” and the FISA spy warrants were an illegal operation by the Shadow Government and the Obama Administration that was totally made up. It was a scam and a witch hunt to remove President Trump from office, and, yet, Attorney General William Barr has done nothing. Shipp says, “It was a soft coup. There is no question about it. No one involved has been indicted or even told they were a subject of a criminal investigation. None of the main players involved has that happened to. That is extremely concerning. . . . Trump is very upset with Barr, and he’s saying it publicly. . . . He’s very upset, and his family has been put through this, and nothing has come out with the Barr/Durham investigation. . . . The chances of Barr being fired with a Trump victory are pretty strong.”

Shipp says, “Trump is going to win by a landslide. . . .but people should expect significant violence in the streets. You should plan accordingly.”
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"Buffoon in the basement" is a very generous description. Try "Criminal in the basement," and you would be getting closer to the neutral description. Also, if bad things happen in the street after Trump's victory, it will be the shortest revolution in the history of the world. The Antifa BLM mob are so vastly outnumbered, they will be absolutely decimated in every armed encounter they attempt. They have absolutely zero chance of lasting more than a few minutes, even if they have Chinese help. Hell hath no fury like large mobs of pissed off American patriots. The big problem with Antifa and BLM is that they are just too stupid to understand the fate they are tempting.


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